Saturday, November 07, 2009

la la la la la la Tonight...

or rather, last night...I spent some time taking down Halloween decorations, and redecorating my mantle and Expedit units. I made a heck of a lot of paper chains yesterday - out of an extra IKEA catalogue - and so I hung one along the mantle, and one from the ceiling above my Expedit.

Am thinking of Tea Cups...

Illustration by Anne Wilson

Toy People

Dainty Tea Cups

Fabric for a plant

Skinny Ship's illustration...really inspires me to draw my own little pretty tea cup!

And these ones, but I just can't get the pictures to load...
Embem30 photo at Anthropologie
Peter Pan Fan has a whackload of amazing pictures of the Tea Cup ride at Disneyland Paris.

I have quite a large collection of tea cups. When my great grandma ("G.G.") was a young lady, she started collecting them. Grannie says that you would go to a party at another lady's house and everyone would bring a tea cup to swap. G.G. is Grannie's mom, she passed 6 years ago, and Grannie is still going through her stuff. My G.G. was a bit of a hoarder, so I come by it honestly! On Thanksgiving, Grannie gave me another box of tea cups that she had found. I think some are hers, and some were G.G's. But now they are mine. They are all so lovely! I've been using them to drink my morning coffee because they are just too fine to stay in a box!

Anyone have any good display suggestions? I'm thinking that once I get my shelves hung above my Expedit, I'll either hang them from below or place them on top. If I hang them there's no where to display the saucers. Hmmm.

I made two more word banners...frosty and for above the mantle and one for above my Expedit. my colour themes are blue & green, and pink, respectively. So now I need to make a stop at the Reuse Centre to find some fake flowers that match. the only silk flowers I have are yellow...wait a minute...I bought some blue & white to do up some demos for Amy's wedding. They must still be kicking around somewhere. That can be my project today! Hooray!

k...lucas is harassing me to go to the Cars website so I should log off. later...

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  1. They have flowers at the reuse center?

    I wish I had a wedding with tea cups...oh so chic


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