Wednesday, November 04, 2009

late night musings

I am officially addicted to stupid Cafe World, or whatever the heck it's called. I have been busy making burgers and salads for the past, I dunno, 3 hours. It is very sad.

My legs and feet are cold.

I really really need to do something crafty tomorrow night or I will go crazy. something simple and inspiring so I can get my brain moving again.

i am not doing a december daily. it seems like everyone and their dog is doing one nowadays, and while I think the idea is totally rad, I just cannot commit to a daily anything! oh my.

Have you ever seen the movie 200 Cigarettes? Cause it is excellent! The accents, and the story and the music, and the characters, and there are a whole bunch of famous names in it. mostly just the accents are hilarious and the outfits! Love love. I am watching it right now while I am cooking some burgers and a salad. It is late and I should go to bed, but I just can't seem to tear myself away...

tomorrow I have a giant to-do list. lots of cleaning and tidying, as per usual. but also I want to get some scrapbooking done and some playtime with lucas. he was sick but now he's not, so he's going to want to play and play. maybe I'll get him to go outside for a little bit...I really want to rake some leaves and enjoy the fall before it is officially over for good.

i am in the mood to buy some cozy socks and comfy t-shirts. i am in a non-fashion mood this week. but I have been cleaning and tidying and trying to purge some closet items. and it feels good! I am not in the mood to start decorating for Christmas. it feels like i just got all my fall/halloween stuff sorted I would hate to tear it down right away. plus, I think I hated most of my decorations last year which means I probably won't like them this year and I will want to make new ones and I don't have the spirit for that right now. anybody got any good spirit-building tips? to get me into the holiday spirit? I don't bake, but I do love Christmas carols and Christmas movies. maybe I'll start there.

maybe I should just focus on finishing painting my living room and not worry about getting anything else done. maybe just maybe. i'm still not keen on the yellow I picked, but i've already started so I need to just finish it and deal with it. i want to buy some wall decals, birds maybe, or I dunno, something else. hambly came out with some fabby ones, but they are pricey too! whoo-wee! etsy is probably a better bet for me OR if I ever get the handle for my die cut machine I can just make my own...whenever that happens.

sorry no pictures. maybe I'll make it back tomorrow.

this post was sure full of maybes...wowee wow wow.

later skater alligator

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  1. Finish painting the room and maybe once it is done you will be inspired...

    My favorite Christmas movie is Gideon the Angel (I can never remember the name of it so that is what I call it)...I googled it and it is: One Magic Christmas circa 1985. It has a young Mary Steenburg in it. I only have it on VHS so I need to buy it on DVD so I can re-watch it again.


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