Tuesday, November 03, 2009

swing low sweet chariot

Mmmm...let's go fly a kite.

I'm feeling very wasted today...not like drunk-wasted, but like time-wasted. I got absolutely nothing done last night. Life stops a bit when your kid is sick. We just snuggled on the couch and watched YTV & Teletoon (iCarly, SpongeBob, Fairly Oddparents, Scooby Doo, Superman, etc.) and then snuggled on the bid bed and watched YTV, Teletoon and a Mighty Machines DVD. Yawn. Then Lucas was awake at 4am, telling me he's hungry and wants to snuggle, and so I end up sleeping in his bed, well "sleeping" isn't quite how I would describe it. Lucas was playing with my hair, and hitting me in the face, and complaining about the light and his blankets, etc.

been thinking about dragons...
like this one

So Anam's husband is an artist, and his latest triumph is Dragon's Age: Origins, which looks totally amazing I must say. So all the gorgeous commercials for it have got me thinking about dragons. There are some cool Flickr pictures, but the one above really caught my eye.

some of you might know that I am in love with hay bales. I am also madly in love with wind mills...this one is dreamy. Makes me want to pack my bags and move out to the country.

The photographer writes that it reminds her/him of the Wizard of Oz. We had one Dorothy trick or treater, and she was an older girl. Impressive...I didn't think kids of that age really followed that story anymore.

okay...I was going to post more today, but I'm playing a goofy game on Facebook instead. stupid Russel...I've been on Facebook for ages now, and have never played one game! He joins up and a week later I've been corrupted! Oh well!


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