Friday, October 30, 2009

my little McQueen!

Today is the big Playschool Halloween Party, and I am so excited! Mainly because Lucas actually likes his costume and wanted to wear it! WOO HOO! And he looks so adorable as Lightning McQueen doesn't he? I even made him little whitewall tires and stuck them on his sleeves. There's a big "95" on the back of his shirt. All made with felt and embroidery floss! WOO HOO!

I'll get more pictures later, the light is just so crappy in the house and in playschool. Thankfully it's not snowing or too cold...I won't feel bad sticking him outside without a coat for a couple of minutes to get a good shot or two! We also carved a "McQueen pumpkin", so I'll be sure to get some shots of that as well!

This is a picture of him at school with his little buddy Damien...who is a very convincing Darth Vader...he kept giving me the death grip! Teacher thought he was trying to give her a high five, but I corrected her and demonstrated the proper throat grabbing and falling to the floor action that he was expecting from her! Lucas looks really giant next to him!
I feel very creative today, and it's a good thing too...I have lots to accomplish: TOTW, Riff Raff stuff, finishing the calendar class for TM, showering and brushing my teeth...

I bought some of the new Hambly - yummy doilies!!! - so I think my TOTW will involve them in some way or another. I really need to print some pictures, especially some more from Amy's wedding, because the ones I have just aren't inspiring me. These Halloween ones are totally going to get some rad treatment today! Hoorah!

I think I'm going to make some paper chains. Reading Elsie's latest blog post with the artist's studios pictured, and there are a couple with what look like paper chains hanging from everywhere. I remember making so many of those when I was a kid...that was the thing you did to decorate when you didn't have anything else! lovely! Also want to go buy some trading card plastic pouches and do up some interesting scrapbooking layouts, also ala Elsie (see RVA update, "10 Things..." Kit)

But first shower, teeth, then pick up Lucas.

I'll be back...

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  1. he is so cute. Did you get my package?????


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