Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today is...sorry, what ???

Is today Wednesday? Or a do-over of Monday. I just can't tell.

Today on the Internet...

May stop here later, but where-oh-where is the contact information? Am I a total doofus?

My Etsy shopping moment number one...and number two

The little binder she did up with her engagement photos is so perfect! Ummm...this is possibly the coolest thing ever, or at least in a really long time

This shop has some cool little notebooks etc. in it, and her blog is fun too (plus she likes Vampires!)

Potential Project post...or something like it.


I think I'm going to take an "Art Journal" type online class. I actually love the way I do my art journal, and don't really need help for ideas, or getting started or anything...but I would like to learn some new stuff that I could potentially teach others. And having someone teach me first would take a lot of pressure off of me! Plus then I can get some helpful tips on how other people teach an art journal class, and use them in my class (whenever that eventually happens...if at all...)

Some options:
Dina #1, Dina #2, Dina #3

Have I mentioned that Lucas turns FOUR tomorrow. I am in shock. Literally. I can't even believe it...and playschool starts in September, and then it's Kindergarten next year and before you know it he's going to want to borrow the car and stay out late...ACK! I'm trying not to think about it too much...I am already losing my mind thank you very much.

Hey Peeps...If you made it this far in the post, you could win a prize! Just leave a comment below telling me which webbering in the links above was your favourite today. I will draw a name and send some fun mail. Please make sure your email address is in the post or your profile so I can contact you for your actual address and send your package out.


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  1. a) take rho's class :) http://anamstubbington.typepad.com/a_little_of_my_life/2009/07/are-you-like-me.html

    but honestly any of the classes are cool - i love dina :)

    also i have something for you from MME - hopefully it will be in your cubby on thursday....


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