Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the birth-day

At this point in my day four years ago, I was getting ready to go get Lucas out of my belly. It seems to me my C-section was scheduled for 1pm, but I was supposed to be there early. NO eating before hand (I was super starving by the end of the day) and no jewellry or makeup, so I looked really awesome. I didn't actually get to "have" him until 4:54 because I kept getting bumped for emergencies. But he was happy to stay inside...the Doc had to suction him out so he had a lovely giant bump on his head for a year or so. But he was adorable right from the start (and big!) and even though the first moment I saw him (after they got all the goo off, and I finished barfing) I was so in love, I love him more now!

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby...Momma loves you!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. happy birthday to the sweetest little guy...

    have an awesome year!

  3. Oh dear already????? It seems like yesterday he was only 2.....

    Happy Birthday!


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