Monday, August 17, 2009

Today I love...

Tree Coaster (I am going to see if I can make my own!)

This site is so awesome and always gives me some great ideas and inspiration. Now, if only I could get a subscription to their magazine...

Clever Nesting is a blog I found through a path I will never again be able to I need to take a note! Lots of super cool re-purposing and recycling going on here. Woot!

Ikea sweet an idea! Take fabby cheap IKEA stuff and make it into something else! Genius!

Recycle This (can you see a trend developing here...?)

How to Recycle or Reuse Anything from Real Simple...isn't that a Martha brand? Anyhoo...this isn't the best article, especially for use Canuckers who have different recycling infrastructure, but it's interesting to read at an rate.

Let's Search for "Green Couch"...Kelly Rae's (I heart her so much, and this just adds esteem in my eyes!)

Green Plastic Couch too fake for my tastes (in fact I think it is fake...)

This chair is made out of grass...

Eco-Green This couch is green in colour and green for the environment too! Double whammy...
I finished my non-quilt bag. And I was reading something that gave me some "tips" for the next project I attempt. First off, I'm using the wrong thread (oh well...). I've got a bunch of ideas to try cast offs may become fun mail! How wonderful!
Made a lovely headband out of felt ric rac (a freebie from Anam's stash), some Making Memories ribbon (that actually says Making Memories along one side...I think it was wrapped around those Slice Aprons that the store got in...) plus one little yellow button for good measure. It is so wonderful! And it's buddies are totally going to make it into a fun-mailout in the fall!

I put up a new Technique on the weekend...but I have yet to print the pictures, so I haven't posted the completed page as of yet.

I was very tempted to buy a bunch of the Little Yellow Bicycle new stuff on Friday (I mean My Little Shoebox...I DID IT AGAIN! I was calling it LYB all night! Ack!)
But I settled for some mini letter stickers (yellow & grey) and some of their pattern paper because the backs are rad ledger pattern. I also (finally) bought the Hambly Elegant Labels I have been drooling over for always...aren't they the prettiest

Everytime I go into the store, I pick them up and walk around with them. And then I put them back. But now they're mine! And I got the last one in stock!
I am trying to plan the following things this week:
#1: What to do in Vegas (wander, drink, shop...what else is there?)
#2: Lucas is turning FOUR on Wednesday and I am freaking out!
#3: Board game night with my buddy Ryan
#4: My birthday in September...must be a big hoopla!
This is the funniest thing I've seen on the Internet in a long time... give yourself about 5 minutes to make it through.
I don't think there's any sound, just lots of reading so you can watch it at work.
So so so funny! about that's it for today.
I have lots more to say, but I'll save it for tomorrow...
hoping to get some more crafty stuff done tonight, along with grocery shopping...
we are in desperate need of green things in our house.
I miss one week of the Farmer's Market and it all falls apart!

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