Monday, August 10, 2009

shiny happy people

This post totally reminds me of me. It can be so difficult to be a "good" blogger and be original and wonderful when there is so much other talent out there. I think Marta's idea of challenging herself to only blog originally for a whole week is GREAT! And I accept (not that the challenge was directed to me or anything, but I am taking it to heart!).

Last night I started on a new fabby project. I am fake-quilting some fabric squares onto a canvas bag. So far I have three squares stitched on and I am so in heaven you have no idea! It is so exciting to try something new and not be too worked up about it. This is my first attempt at fake-quilting so anything I accomplish will be awesome and I will be so proud of myself if I see this project through to the end. I am calling it fake-quilting because I have no idea what actual quilting involves and I wouldn't want to debase the real-quilting that more talented ladies than I do by putting myself in their *blank* (can't think of the word...I want to say shoes, but that's not it. umm realm maybe, or perhaps hemisphere. nope not it either. oh well. I guess those brain cells are lost.)

I went for a lovely long leisurely bike ride on Saturday. It was so nice to be out and about in the warm sun, just me and my bike! Except coming home the wind was in my face and I was already super tired and it was almost too much. But I made it home! I can't wait to go out again. Maybe I'll get Lucas on his wheels this week and we can go for a bike-walk together!

Russ made dinner last night. He checked websites and made a meal plan for the whole week, and we went grocery shopping and he cooked the most succulent BBQ chicken I have ever eaten in my whole life. He made his little list on his iPod, and I asked him if there was an app for that (that's pretty much a running joke in our house...he has a lot of apps!) and there totally is!! Tee Hee!

Today I am excited about: chalkboards (and I know I wrote that I wanted to be an original blogger today, and I sort of am, because I don't have any pictures to post but these guys do and this is what is inspiring me this week so there!)



What I've Found

Dot Kenneth
(this guy's flickr is full of funny Starbucks chalkboard postings! check it out fo' sure!)

Cry If I Want To (chalk board napkin rings)


Detritus (a whole chalkboard building! im in heaven)

And of course...the ones that wouldn't work!
Happy Living
Jenn Ration

Maybe I will get mine painted this week. Here's hoping against hope.

Miracle of Miracles. I cleaned off my fridge yesterday.
I took off all the magnets (all 137 of them...yeah that's not an exact tally, but it's probably close) actually wiped the front of all the sticky Lucas fingerprints
put back only the magnets I really like and want to look at
and applied my brand-new-to-me magnetic poetry set!
it looks so good in its new home

i guess im done for the day.will go home and work some more on my non-quilt bag
and maybe get Lucas on his bike for a bit
and hopefully there will an episode of Torchwood waiting for me on my box
(it doesn't play on the weekend so i am a little sad and missing it a little too much...did I mention it costs an arm and a leg to buy on BluRay? Good thing my bestest best friend KC hooked me up with some online Torchwood action! Boo Yaa!)
k. now im gone for good, at least until im back!
later skater alligator

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