Monday, August 24, 2009

I am the girl of 100 lists...

what shall I wear, who I have kissed." -the Go Go's

Things on my mind today:
#1. I totally forgot to do a Techneek post this weekend. Oh my!
#2. I totally forgot to draw a name from the meagre comments I got last week and announce the winner of my unspecified blog prize. (see below)
#3. Lucas got a bunch of plastic crap...I mean toys for his birthday. Now starts the never-ending task of finding them a permanent home in my home.
#4. Am having people over to my house tonight and am only slightly in a panic. Progress!
#5. Am sad that my summer is almost over and all the plans I had kind-of-sort-of made did not happen.

To do list...FALL...
#1. Have a John Hughes movie marathon with some friends. Did you know that he passed away at the beginning of the month?
#2. Go to the DaVinci exhibit at Telus World of Science before it's gone.
#3. As many game nights as possible. It makes Russ sad that he doesn't have his friends come over more, and it makes him happy to play Catan. A happy Russel makes a happy Lisa!!
#4. Eat my weight in homemade Hummus!
#5. Find some fancy striped leggings and wear them with everything!

Webbering today:
#1.Darling Dexter...super cute fashion and photography.
#2. Old Sweet Song...nostalgia and wonderfulness
#3. This lady was pen pals with John Hughes back in the 80s! WOW! This post is a must-read.

Top John Hughes Favourites:
#1. Breakfast Club
#2. Pretty in Pink
#3. Sixteen Candles
#4. Weird Science (the hottie is named Lisa! that never happens!!)
#5. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
#6. Planes Trains & Automobiles
#7. Some Kind of Wonderful
#8. National Lampoon's Vacation (the one to Wally World!)
#9. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
#10. Uncle Buck

***got booted from my desk so I'm not getting a chance to really finish this post. so i'll head home and see y'all tomorrow...and I will post the "winner" of my blog contest and maybe some pictures of some of my latest projects***

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  1. I'm all in on the Davinci exhibit if you don't mind a tag that he wrote cool..


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