Friday, July 03, 2009

driving along in my automobile...

I finally posted some items on our Etsy store...did I mention that already? Two of my "gadget pouches". We'll see how they fare.




Love the XM Radio in the new Santa Fe. Found a good station that's all 1940s Big Band Jazz music! Love it!!!

Also Love my new drink concoction at Starbucks...not really that inventive, but still tasty. Coffee Frappucino with Cinnamon Dolce syrup. Mmmm.

Was amazing again this week. All of the dances were just so cool! They should make a DVD of all the group dances. I would spend big money on that!


Who all among you would be interested in a monthly CREATE night? I find that sometimes craft and creativity take a back seat to all the crap of normal everyday life. But if I knew that one night every month I would be able to just sit and gab with my girlfriends and create like mad, I would be a little bit less insane. Bring back the Sanity!!

Everyone is welcome. We could hold it solely at my house or rotate depend on who's comfortable with hosting a "crowd". Heck, it would give me some motivation to clean up after myself!! Ha! Snacks (and wine...) would be on hand. And only healthy cheesy poofs, and things dipped in chocolate!


Vivienne Strauss

I see a market on Etsy for...
...Plus sized vintage and handmade fashions that don't look like gack or whore-y. Big girls like to look good too! Once I get my sewing machine out and dusted off and buy some thread and figure out how it works and buy a pattern and figure out how that works and pigs will start flying and hell will freeze over so we'll all need some warm protective head gear which is where my clothing empire will begin! Mwa-ha-ha!

Check this out in the meantime...Boutique Mia. Some beautiful "made to order" shirts and dresses. I have also found a smattering of cute plus-sized vintage dresses! Now I must decide where to spend my hard-earned $$.

Super rad and fab!!

And most wonderful indeed!


Some Flickr inspiration for you "Glue Stick"

(photo credits below...)

#1: Evil Erin, Jodie Hurt, which isn't showing up for some reason so check ou the link #2: Ian Boyd, #3: Travis Ezell, #4: gascoynebowman, htcoogan (which also isn't showing just click on the link), #5: 999

Am off to the back. Put the phones on answer, maybe warm up a bit with a refreshed coffee. Work hard, then head home. Last night I started prepping my wall to paint it today! Woot! It's very creamy yellow (baby ducks...) but I think - I hope - it will dry much much darker and less happy baby!

later skater alligator


  1. I AM ALL FOR A MONTHLY CROP ART NIGHT!!! I was literally just thinking about trying to start that up! I would be down to host some and think it would be SO much fun!

  2. I would be up for that too! The hosting might be hard for me though, what with my hubby and kids and nowhere to send them! lol

  3. count me in Lisa! I make a mean spinach artichoke dip...

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