Thursday, July 02, 2009

and yet, here I am

been pouncing on etsy today. I like pouncing for stores that haven't made a sale yet. For three reasons:

1. I like the thought of being someone's first sale, and helping them get started.
2. I like seeing some of the plain weird and horrible "creations" posted
3. I like seeing the crazy prices people think their stuff is worth!

Also, there are three categories of items in the "Has Not Made a Sale" Listings:

1. The honest, good store that hasn't made a sale yet probably because they just aren't being found. They have good stuff, RAD stuff, decent prices, just no buyers.
2. The "Artists" that charge $900 for a painting, or altered item, or doll. Maybe in a gallery or art show, but not on Etsy...not unless you have already been "found". Godd stuff...too pricey.
3. The horrible, nasty, why would anyone buy that, kind of item. I'm not knocking people's art...I would never ever do that...but I am knocking on the kind of crap people think passes as good enough to charge someone else for. And the shoddy pictures just add to the failure of these items. Just pounce, and you'll see what I mean.

I bought this lovely brooch/hair clip today. It's all recycled fabric and nice and big and lacey and lovely...and I'm her first sale!

Also, it's super cold in here today. I mean, close to freezing here! So it is hard to type, or think or do anything. Xcuse the bad spelling! not sure how to turn up the temp...dangit!

The most awesome tatoo...but instead of "Bleubird", I could put anything!! Like love or believe or create or dream or sweet or later...

im so cold. i might just wander over to Starbucks to wait until Russ picks me up. get a nice warm coffee and sit on the patio. although I might have to bus it part of the way home, so maybe I should just bus it somewhere fun, then wait there! who am i kidding...I'll just wait here. im lazy bum.

did some little drawings today. one is going to be either the banner or the avatar for our etsy store ( and the other is just for fun. a little modern Alice in Wonderland. pencil doodles, so no colour yet. I quite love crayons right now, so they might get the Crayola treatment when I get home.

how was everyone's Canada Day? Ours was fun...will share photos later, not that I took many. We were at the Sherwood Park party for awhile, then home for a nap, then I "volunteered" at Mill Woods' thing. I pretty much just wandered around for an hour not handing out the brochures in my hand, got a hot dog and non-slushy slush, then walked home. Woot! We watched the Mill Woods fireworks from the hill behind our house with Russ' family. It was Lucas' first fireworks, so he was super excited...for about thirty seconds and then he wanted to run down the hill some more! outta here. got to clean up before Russ gets here. la-di-dah! quiet day...

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