Monday, June 29, 2009

try it out

For very nice:

And something I can do right away. I don't have to wait for it to be mailed, i just get a lovely PDF file that I can print and reprint as many times as I like. You can now expect to receive a plethora of embroidered products for every birthday, Christmas, and any other non-denominational or Judeo-Christian holiday that comes up this year. I wonder if there is a Solstice pattern...tee hee!!

And I also really like lots of Sublime Stitching's patterns. They are super fun, and I am excited to try my hand at making my own. I like to doodle and draw, so all I really need is a disappearing ink pen to transfer my patterns. Anybody have some extra linen laying around that they would permanently lend me? I'll make you something as a thanks!

i {heart} this tutorial. ... a little robot pocket pillow. Am thinking of it for baby gifts or just because! I would love to make Lucas a precious little tiny stuffed thing that he can carry around. But I know it would have to have a car on it...EPIPHANY!! This...

but with a car embroidered on the front! Probably not McQueen doodles aren't that good! But how perfect!! Am really super really excited now! Might even just make it with some felt I have at home so I don't have to wait to go to the fabric store. ACK!! EXCITED! This is making the rest of my day go much quicker!

Tattoo short list:
- cassette tape
- star (
- cloud (blue)
- pencil/ruler/scissors (some sort of craft supply)

Location...on the inside of my left it can be covered by large leather bracelet when necessary! This is still a huge "up-in-the-air" for me. If you thought it was hard for me to convince Russel to have another baby, he is equally stubborn about putting a tattoo on Lisa.

That is all for now. To do tonight: pick up Lucas' bike, laundry, embroider something, hug my boys...later,


  1. OMG Lisa you are hilarious. Cassette tape hands down. and I don't mind a plethera of embroderied items as long as they bird or wedding related I will be proud to put them on my walls!

  2. do we get to vote on the tattoo? how fun. 8 track instead of tape..just cause you are that kind of girl and may I suggest a crayola crayon in your favorite color..or perhaps a sharpie!!


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