Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I just called...to say...I love you

Ah, Lionel Ritchie you are so awesome. Why on earth is your daughter the way she is...

I so wanted to blog yesterday, but I was so busy at work. And today is no different really, but I must say something or I will go crazy (I mean, crazier!)

Am busy making some more "fun mail" to go out this week. I love sending mail!! And I also love receiving mail, hint hint.


I spent the whole morning trying to figure out our Telus bills. We are trying to upgrade our system and it is the most frustrating thing ever (except for the Customs mess I have on my desk as well, which I don't want to talk about...)

Why can't it be easy? Why oh why can't we just make a simple call, say upgrade us now, thanks, and have it be done! Our offices are in such a mess it isn't even funny! And I am getting sick of the non-answers the Telus lady has been giving me. If it wasn't going to be a larger pain in my butt, I would just say screw it and switch to Shaw.


I don't like my new wall colour at home. It is very bright. And very "pastel-babychicks-yellow" and I am having a hard time with it. I think once I paint all the walls and get my art and stuff up on top, it won't be so bad, but right now... Ugh! Why can't I just like beige?


Oh man. I think I'm done. I have more cheques to write and I still have to figure out some more Telus stuff before I go home. What a yawn post...sorry no pictures!

later skater alligator!

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  1. Hey, I like yellow. Some would say my kitchen is yellow, I say mango.
    What room at your home is now dressed in yellow?

    PS. Loved the June 20th blog and pictures. The wedding looked perfect. And all looked beautiful.

    Love Ya


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