Saturday, June 20, 2009

two hours

I have about two hours before I'm picking Amy up from Mom's house to initiate Operation "Get Amy to the Alter 2009." So I thought I would Blog a bit! HA! I've already cut my hair and printed my speech...what else is there to do???

Wedding makeup test run last night...I look like a pretty girl! WOW! Shoppers Drug Mart sells organic makeup now, so I was in heaven! And it goes on really nice and smells real, not like other makeup. And isn't my flower cute? I took a standard Prima flower, added some extra tulle and a pretty CI brad, sewed onto a hair clip...voila.

Some random layouts I've completed at work the last couple of Saturdays. But not this Saturday because it's wedding day! There's a fourth one, but I guess I don't have a picture of it. Strange...oh well! the first pic is of the most cool four year old I have ever met! (Lucas isn't four yet, so i can still say that!!). he speaks Spanish fluently, he knows the words to Mr. Roboto, and he likes to play Star Wars!!

Russ and the iPod I bought him. He was actually happy to pose for the camera! YAY!

And yes, this is totally a Christmas layout...sort of...

The window washer at my building the other day. it is so funny to see someone outside your window on the 8th floor!

Mexican Bulldog at Moxie's. I hate Coronas, but love Margaritas. This was super delicio-so!

The lovely package I got in the mail the other day with some fab new earrings I ordered from Etsy (and took forever to get here thank you very much...but worth it!)

The latest painting I have been working on. It's been a couple of weeks since I did anything to it, but it's the most current painting I have to share.

I should go now, and finish getting ready. Plus, I need more coffee!

later skater alligator...

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  1. Hey Lisa your layouts totally rock. Your hair and makeup look great I can't wait to see the photos!!!


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