Friday, June 19, 2009

New stuff from me!!

No...sorry...not today. Sorry if I got your hopes up.

Amy's wedding is tomorrow. I have made a lovely flower to go in my hair. No picture. I made a cute album for the pictures of all the reject dresses. No picture. I am in the process of turning the Congratulations banner I made for her shower into an album for that shower. No picture. I am a waste of scrapbooking space sometimes.

If you are really interested in what I've been up to lately, check out this Riff Raff Designs post. I also have a bunch more at the store, if you're in the neighbourhood.

Right now at work we are in the process of getting a new phone system. And by that I mean that they talked about it at one staff meeting, which I didn't attend, and now it's my job to get quotes and talk with reps and coordinate this and that and get 'er done. yay me. Oh, and we also have $3000 worth of dental tools sitting in a customs office in Vancouver that we owe $1600 of taxes on and they need some sort of magical paperwork to get cleared and sent to us. Plus the cheque for $1600. And it's on my desk now. yay me.

I went to Hallmark in SEC yesterday to buy some Father's Day cards, and Addition-Elle is practically next door, and they're having a sale and...

plus a rad pair of denim shorts that make me look lean and sexy! WOO! I desperately needed some new work clothes. The running joke here (between me and Simone) is my lack of work pants...I have two pairs...and in the winter only one. So I have been wearing my alternate summer work pants and she notices, and she says something ("no black pants today...") and I laugh. So now I have three pairs of work pants...two black and one brown. See what she says come Monday!

More work I get to install and set up Quickbooks so the girls can use it for inventory. And I will have to also learn it because I'm sure they'll come to me for help when it's not working...yay me.

ATTENTION KARA: riff raff in real life...Celine Navarro!. check out this post.

I want to make clouds out of Hambly wood grain paper. And doodle on everything.

I went to my first Community League Board meeting on Tuesday night and boy, do they know how to talk! Not about anything really important, not really. They just talk and talk and talk. And talk. Wow! So I spent the whole time doodling on my agenda. And the {handsome} Matt sitting next to me, kept looking over to admire my work. Usually he is busy admiring a different part of me...I've said enough...but he is a nice guy. I just have a very noticeable bosom. BTW, my doodle was awesome.

I really really really need to edit my link lists...I have way too many. TOO! And to be honest, I only read a couple of other blogs religiously. The rest I just keep on hand for days I want to do some serious blog hopping. I should cull the heard, find my absolute faves, and just leave the rest behind. The Big Purge.

My coffee tastes like barf today. And while I've blown through my coffee budget, I feel I must make a trip to Tim's at the very least so I can make it through this morning alive. MAIL RUN...

I love this band (no audio on this computer, so I hope this works out!). Was very sad when they came to town and I wasn't there...

SYTYCN was so amazing last night! They booted two really great dancers...oh well. Here's a why do they leave the opening credits in? And all the stuff with the judges...who wants to hear that!? Skip to about the 45 second mark for the opening dance with the whole cast. The rest you can ignore. Very super cool number this week from Mia Michaels! And even without sound, it's pretty awesome!

Out of the whole show my faves were Kayla & Max, and Melissa & Ade...the two jazz numbers. Note: the bestest best part about having a digital recorder is that last night I watched two episodes of SYTYCN, no judges, no commercials PLUS the season finale of the Unusuals (which is by far the best show on TV right now...)

MADE MY FRACKEN DAY! particularily the little note on the right column stating that Handmade Nation is being screened in Edmonton on July 18th at the Art Barns. Tix are only $12!!

It's being put on by these guys. And there is a craft show before hand!! CHAN CAN I HAVE THE DAY OFF??? Ack I am so excited!! ACK! FRACK!! WOOT! RAD!
more on the DiY movement...
k...I should go now. must finish some things before I am off for the weekend! Will post wedding pics maybe Sunday...if im not hung over!!
later skater alligator


  1. I better make the cut, I'm not sure if you even visit my blog regularly or only when i nag you. Have fun at the wedding, remember my number in emergency i'll leave the one i'm at for your sister.

  2. Hey Lisa..If you want to make this a girls day I am so in! Love DYI craft you don't know and am all in for the screening..
    Will drive to boot!


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