Monday, June 15, 2009

"Monday Monday...

can't trust that day. Monday morning, sometimes it just turns out that way. Monday Morning, it gave me no warning of what was to be. Oh Monday Monday, how could you leave and not take me."

I {heart} the Mamas and the Papas They are nutricious and delicious! I should find my Greatest Hits album and iPod-it-up!

Found a lovely artist this morning. Light the Night is having their corporate recruitment event at Axis Cafe downtown, and they show local artists' work. And this guy is (supposedly) their current far as I can tell their website is a bit out of date. But I made my way to his website, and he's got some nice stuff! Big and expensive...but nice! Check it out: Darryl Boldt

Working in a dentist office like the one I'm in, you get to hear certain patient's names over and over again...nothing bad! They're just in more often than others, or have had insurance issues, or are just kind of memorable. Like the lady who's name is Leslie, but goes by Copper. Or the guy named Ashley (poor guy!). Or the guy named Kevin who is exactly like the character Kevin on The Office (he's just creepy and the other ladies let me take his money and book his next appointment because they don't like the way he stares at them!). Or the guy who owns a famous fancy restaurant in town and gets a reminder call the morning of his appointment (lucky guy!). It's kind of nice for me to remember all these people because I have a piss-poor memory. This is very satisfying!

Today is my first day without Dianne, and I won't lie...I'm kind of freaking out! There is so much to remember to do - and not do - and if I mess up, it's big money! AAH!

Today Russ and I did a "trial run" of our one-vehicle car pooling dealio. And it worked out well! It was very nice riding to work together! I was only 5 minutes late, and that was pretty much all due to the construction on 99th street (which I didn't know about until I saw the giant flashing arrows...) But I still made a detour, and saw the most yellow school buses in one neighbourhood that I've ever seen in my whole life!

I want to draw a little comic. I'm thinking something about all the cute things Lucas says to me (this morning it was: "I don't like going to another place. I like you"). Elsie and her new Comic paintings have inspired me...more or less.

An older gentleman came in today with his son, and I swear to you he is reading Confessions of a Shopalholic! We're talking a 70+ year old man!

Places I want to visit...someday!
- Nashville and Memphis, Tennesee
- Augusta and Savannah, Georgia
- New York, New York
- Arches National Park
- New Mexico
- Galapagos Islands
- Europe (I's a whole continent, but I would be happy seeing any small part of it!)
- Australia and New Zealand
- Vancouver Island (again and again and again...I could spend every waking moment out there)
- Newfoundland, PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick

I have a cold. And an itchy rashy neck. And my acne is bad this week...perfect time for a wedding...

I still need to finish putting together my little hair flower. And I might book an eyebrow wax for Friday afternoon...weird, I know. Russ and Lucas and I are going shopping for ties tomorrow.

This website is super cute: made it past the first screen yet and the cute little doodles. I think I want a plaid dress. A friend on the Playschool board works at Reitmans and is pretty much my (fabulous) she can get me one HALF OFF!! HAZAA! Found a cute plus size one that's coral (??) pink. Very cute. They also have they super paisley print shirts with lacy straps...very awesome!

Old Navy's Canadian website can't actually look at any of their clothes.

Ricki's website is lovely and I found a cute t-shirt with plaid ruffle on it! But it only comes in There's also a garish not sure if I can pull off floral print anything. But the colours are right and it's on sale. They actually have a tonne of cute dresses! CUTE! I found something I am going to buy, come hell or high water! A lovely "tube top" (what the!?!?) with a super cool print. might make me look fatter (I mean bustier...) than I already am, but who cares!!

For those of you who have been following (I mean paying attention) to my renovating/decorating woes, you will be happy to hear that Russ and I moved the shelves out of the DR and bought our Expedits! YAY! Now I just need to buy some paint (Behr's Garlic Clove), then paint, then assemble the shelves and decorate! yay...It already looks so much better in that room! I am so happy!!

Searched "monkey" on Etsy...lots of cute stuff (see below) and lots (and lots) of horrid stuff!

Love the hat and the little cup cozy (that shop also sells "gadget" holders - see 2nd photo -a little competition for mine!)

okay...I have to go be Dianne now. later.


  1. I {heart} the Mama & the Papa's too! Hey, at least your travel list is only 10 bullet points, mine is like a million! I took today off work...PC has a twelfth holiday on June 1 but I worked the first and opted to take today off. Of course I have a head cold and feel outta sorts. Murphey's law...

  2. holy jeebuz you talk lots! :) it makes it hard for me to not be just a picture looker atter! love you Lisa!

  3. OMG you are so funny. At least people comment on your blog you must be loved. Glad to hear my other lover is only 40ish. Either way I love him. I miss working with you on Saturdays, my work is way more work and exhausting.

    hahaha and Chantel is a picture-looker-atter. I'm surprised she read your post, she must have been bored :)

    xoxoxoxo love ya all!


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