Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Adventures in Jasper - A Mini Album

In August of 2017, Lucas & I went camping for about 5 days in Jasper National Park. I have already posted some photos of it here (Tell A Story - Climb A Mountain and Tell A Story - Beach Bums) but I wanted to also share the ginormous Mini Album I created to tell the whole story. Or at least as much of the story that I could fit in the album!

I call it a "Big Mini Album" because this bad boy ended up being about 3 inches thick! It's unwieldy and I love it! I thought I would share a few photos of it here, some of my favourite pages. If you get all the way to the bottom you can watch a video flip through of the the entire album. Thank goodness for time lapse!
Front and back covers. The front cover was originally an experiment in cardboard+gesso+stencil+ink. I think it turned out unexpected and wonderful. I have a few more bits of cardboard left from this experiment that I am excited to use on future projects..

Sometimes you come across a piece of scrapbooking paper that you can't help but buy, just in case. Now, I normally hate just in case purchases, but this one turned out to be kind of perfect.

The story behind this title - 30 Minutes - is lovely and I should share it properly one day. My Dude is my favourite human.

Lucas asked to use my selfie stick, and then it became permanently bonded to his hand! How weird! Heck, if it got him taking actual photos with his phone camera, sounds like a good deal to me.
The cute swimmer babe stamp is on that I made during my 100 Days of Stamp Carving. I stamped her with some waterproof ink, then I brushed on some light blue paint around her.

 How lucky that one of my dearest friends was also visiting Jasper that week with her daughter. We were able to meet up one night and grab some ice cream in town, wander the streets like the tourists we are, and spend out hard earned money at Jasper Rock & Jade. Bless me everyday for finding friends who love rocks like I do.

I love the layers I can add to these little books.. Each page has something new to discover. Also, this emoji stuff is some of the most fun supplies I have ever bought. I'm waiting for just the right moment to use the poop one ;-)
I try to send myself a postcard whenever we are traveling, even if we are only a few hours from home. The paper bag on the right stores the small journal I kept while we were away. The mountain stamp is another one that I made during my 100 Days of Stamp Carving.

Life was totally meant for great adventures. We already have one Jasper trip booked for this summer, with the whole family, and I am super pumped. I love it out there. I am a one-national-park kinda gal...Jasper has my heart.

My family has been traveling to Jasper National Park since before I was born. And I have been blogging about Jasper for many years as well. All of my Jasper-related posts can be found here.
Mini Albums are my preferred way of telling stories about our adventures. Find more of my mini albums here.
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