Friday, February 02, 2018

Lisa Reads - January 2018

I read SIX books this month, and I am over my goal target, which I am not happy about, but that's what happens when you have loads of books on hold at the library!

CONTENT NOTE: There is discussion of rape, sexual violence, female "circumcision", and child sexual abuse in some of these books, so please proceed accordingly.

The Language of Thorns // If you haven't read any Leigh Bardugo yet, grab this one to start. It takes place in her magical "Grishaverse", but you will definitely enjoy these creepy fairy tales even if you have never read any of her other books. Did I mention they were creepy? 'Cause they are creepy AF. Unsettling in the very best way, making you revisit the moments later on in our bed when you are trying to get to sleep.

She has a way of sneaking the worst things up on you in a slow and soft way. I thoroughly loved this book.

The Rules of Magic // This one is on a lot of people's lists this year, so I thought I would grab it too. I really enjoyed the movie that the sequel (prequel?) to this book is based on - Practical Magic - and I was definitely interested in finding out more about the aunts that are just not featured enough in that movie. Mostly, this book just made me want to watch Practical Magic again. It was good for the type of book it is, but it's not my type of book.

The New Better Off: Reinventing the American Dream // I should start keeping track of how I find some of these books. The author is the creator of the website Feministing, but I didn't find this book through that site. This was a mind expanding book, that's for damn sure. I folded over corners in almost every chapter, taking note of ideas that resonated with me, and authors for further reading and discovery. A wonderful non-fiction if you're looking to expand your brain a bit.

Who Fears Death // I am very interested in African science fiction, but this one had too much going on for me. And I found the ending very anticlimactic. Great for people who love big magical quests.

Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda // If you're into cute YA romance, then do I have a book for you! This one has the added bonus of two gay teenage boys as the romantic leads. Super sweet, quick read.

The Power // Slow going at the start, does not go the way you think it's going to go. This book messed me right up. Humans suck. If you are into feminism, current events, and dystopian books, you should read this. But be prepared for some intense shit. The audio book was fabulous.

THOUGHTS ON #lisareads2018 SO FAR
I am trying really hard to limit myself to reading only 52 books this year. That may seem like a ridiculous challenge, I mean, aren't challenges supposed to expand and, y'know, challenge? Well, I already know I can comfortably read 70+ books in a year, so I'm not worried about my PR score or anything.

You see, reading is like my version of mindless TV watching. I can lose hours to a good (or bad) book. Which isn't a terrible thing, but I want to get more out of my life this year, and I need to find places to cut time spent on other things. And so, "excessive reading" is getting put on the chopping block. And I am totally okay with that!

Too bad I have a burgeoning holds list at the library ;-)


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