Monday, January 29, 2018

One Little Word - (Re) Connect with Meditation

Last year I explored meditation as part of my One Little Word Action. It became very important to me to notice and take advantage of the space between ACTION and INACTION. And meditation seemed to fit perfectly in there.

But, I never fully committed to the practice. I didn't make it a practice at all.

Enter 2018, and my new One Little Word Connect. This year I want to get curious about crafting rituals, and dive deeper into the idea of Daily Practices. And despite my lackluster performance last year, meditation helped me out a lot when I did it, and I want to purposefully invite that feeling into my life again this year. And chase it with a little bit more energy.
Aesthetically, this app is really my style. Ocean blue accents laid over top lush greenery and waterfalls. But where's the meat? (says the vegetarian). In other words, what do you have to offer me of substance.


  • Daily reflection feature allows you to write a note about what you are grateful for today. ( took me forever to find this page. Don't judge...I'm a tech dummy sometimes.)
  • You can choose a feeling, and they will select a meditation to go along with it! (Con, some of the feelings are unavailable in the free account)
  • The reminders to breathe throughout the day > "let's take three deep breaths"...


  • While I thought at first that the 3-5 minute sessions would be so great for me because TIME was always my big excuse last year for not meditating more, I need more than 3-5 minutes to meditate
  • STOP TALKING SO MUCH. I found it especially hard to get fully in the zone because most of the meditations had practically no dead air. Less talky, more ommy.
  • I think this is an app made for a millennial. That is, most of the features were accessed via swiping and not in a traditional menu. I'm old. I want a menu.

Are you feeling a sense of deja vu? Well, it could be because I and reviewed another meditation app last year! Click here for my review of the Headspace app, and some 2017 thoughts on meditating in my car. Aura has a totally different setup and vibe compared to Headspace. Now that I have sampled two meditation apps, I think I am going to try more on for size. Before I settle down with The Right One.

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