Friday, September 01, 2017

Fashion - 10x10 Challenge

I have finally decided to dip my toe into the world of Capsule Wardrobes. I will be starting a 10x10 Challenge today! September came just too darn fast, and I need a fun project to lose myself in for a little bit.

What is a 10x10 Challenge?
The gal behind Style Bee created the 10x10 Challenge in 2015 while she was doing a "shopping fast". No shopping means you have to get creative with what you already have, and this challenge is just the tool to help you do that.

The basic guidelines are as follows:
1. Choose 10 items from your current closet
2. Wear only these items for 10 days
3. Create 10 unique outfits from these 10 pieces!

My Challenge
I am going to pick 10 pieces that (I hope) will work for both work and weekends. I hope we don't have a heat wave, because I didn't include any shorts!

I am not including my exercise gear, pajamas (or "lounge wear" as they call it these days!), jewelry, shoes, or other accessories in my 10 items.

The Pieces
Here are the items from my closet I have selected for my first 10x10 challenge!
Top Left: Reversible Shawl/Vest - secondhand
Top Right: Pineapple tank - Joe Fresh
Bottom Left: Vera Vera dress (on sale now!)
Bottom Right: Midi length, sleeveless dress - Joe Fresh

Top Left: Star Wars sweatshirt - secondhand
Top Right: Jessica Simpson black denim - Value Village
Bottom Left: Beep Boop tee - Threadless
Bottom Right: Reversible Black/Print skirt - Joe Fresh
Top Left: Reversible Black/Print skirt - Joe Fresh
Top Right: Grey blazer with pleather details - H&M
Bottom Left: White blousy tank - RW & Co.

I am already excited about this project! I naturally find myself sticking to only a few items in my closet, so I am hoping it won't be too hard to purposefully limit myself to "just" 10 items. The above items are some of my go-to favourites, that I wear all the damn time anyway!

If you want to play along, HOORAY! I will be posting on Instagram using the hashtag #sonotladylike10x10. I would love to see your pieces and outfits. We can help keep each other on track!


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  1. I could benefit from this sort of thing! You've been rocking your 10 choices.


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