Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Tell A Story - Mountain Climbers

And I'm not talking about that exercise. I'm talking about climbing actual mountains!

During our 5 day stint in Jasper, Lucas & I did a lot of hiking. In fact, we were off on our first hike within an hour of arriving at the campground! I thought if I was going to get Dude hiking with me, I would just have to throw him into it. He complained a lot on that hike (up Old Fort Point - highly recommended), but we made it through!

And that was just the warm up to the big hike I had planned the next day! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

We woke up, ate our breakfast, then jumped in the van and headed south on the Icefields Parkway. Destination, Parker Ridge. The parking lot was already starting to fill up by the time we got there, and I could see all ages (and abilities) of hikers unloading their gear. We laced up our hiking boots, grabbed our water bottles and a snack, and headed out.

I had a Winningest Mom moment on our way back down. Lucas told me he was really proud of himself for getting all the way to the top!

Parker Ridge
Trailhead: ~100km south of Jasper townsite (the hike is actually in Banff Ntl. Park)
Distance: 5km in total (out and back)
Elevation Gain: 289m (elevation at the top is 2275m!)
Time: We did it in just over 3 hours and that included a lot of breaks, and a snack at the "top" (we didn't make it to the official top, but we went as far as Lucas would go!)
What to Take: Windbreaker! It gets so windy up there, as there is no tree cover. Water. A snack/lunch. Camera. Hiking poles if you have them.


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