Friday, September 15, 2017

10 x 10 Challenge - Last Half

And we're done!

This project was really exciting! For such a little thing, I was so pumped everyday to get dressed and try something new with some of my most-loved and most-worn items in my closet.

Enjoy Outfits Six through Ten!

I am posting this about 5 days after I finished, and I still find myself reaching for these 10 items over and over again. I mean, after I washed them! HA!

I have SO MANY THOUGHTS about this project and I want to do up a proper post in the next couple of days sharing what I learned, and my future in the Capsule Wardrobe business. I can already see so many positives coming from this Challenge, and I don't want to lose that momentum.

Until then...
To see Outfits one through five, click here.
For a complete list - with pictures! - of all of the pieces, check out this post.


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