Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Review - Pastbook Photo Book

Have you ever gone "drunk online shopping"? My most recent trip down the virtual aisles resulted in the following purchase. I was looking for something easy that I could directly input my photos from Google Photos into...and not have to download and then upload and all that "extra" work.

Learned a lesson with that one: sometimes the time you save on one thing ends up disappearing when something else doesn't work so smoothly.

It really surprises me that there aren't more photobooks that can easily pull photos from Google Photos. There probably are, but my drunk Googling just wasn't finding them for me!

So I thought I would share some of my Iceland photo book and my experience with Pastbook.

On the cover, the image doesn't carry around the side, and there were limited options with materials, size, and customization (adding a title).

Choosing a page layout wasn't easy, especially if you wanted different layouts for each page.

You can do "full size" photos on a page, but there is still that damn white border on the side! This wasn't reflected in the proof I edited.

A lot of the photos were automatically cropped to fit into whatever layout I chose, and there wasn't anything I could do to change them.

I only have ONE photo that isn't in the right place...see below. HA! I am going to cover it with a white sheet of paper. Or some journaling or something.

It was so nice to be able to move my photos directly from Google Photos to this program without having to download them to my computer first.

- It was a son of a bitch to get photos to stay in the place I wanted them
- Limited options for page layouts and not easy to choose a layout and then not have it get changed back if I moved photos around
- The editing process was a bit clunky moving from one screen to the next
- The price...this was not a cheap book
- Not a lot of finishing options (book size, materials, cover appearance, etc.)
- Wasn't really clear if I could add captions to the photos

Final Verdict
I probably won't order from Pastbook again. Being able to use Google Photos directly just wasn't worth all the other shit I had to deal with.

What is your favourite site for ordering photo books? And why do you love it?!



  1. We just go about our photos the old fashion way. I never upload family pics online, but you've gave me an idea on what to program next. :)

    How much did your photobook cost?


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