Friday, September 08, 2017

10 x 10 Challenge - Halfway Point

It seems silly to do a "Halfway Point" post for a fashion challenge that only lasts 10 days, but most of the fashion bloggers who take on this challenge do a post a day with their outfits. I take ONE PHOTO per outfit (maybe two if the first one was a dud), because my "Instagram Husband" is myself plus some household item to prop up my phone on a flat surface. I don't have enough pics - nor do I want to - to fill a blog post each day of this challenge. That is a whole separate challenge that I did not sign up for.

Anyhoo, I've got Outfits one through five posted below, with notes about which pieces I am wearing in each. "Six-Nine-Ten" for example. For a complete list - with pictures! - of all of the pieces, check out this post.

I'm learning...
- That I really love [most of] the clothes in my closet
- It is tough to pick 10 items of clothing that you can wear to work and to play
- There is only one item that I chose that I would swap out for something else (not that I know what the replacement item would have been...)
- I am so OVER the trend to have new clothes all the damn time
- I still struggle with buying higher quality (more expensive) pieces that will last longer, especially when I have some fast fashion pieces that have lasted for years

As I post this, I am currently on Day Eight of the Challenge, and I am not running out of steam. In fact, I think I might go a couple of days over because I haven't exhausted all of the outfit options in my 10 pieces!

This is a very exciting challenge, and I can't wait to write my official wrap-up post!


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