Monday, August 21, 2017

Tell A Story - Board Game Cafe Confidence

Lucas chose Tabletop Cafe as our after dinner activity one night, so after dinner we jumped in the car and headed over. He had been once before with Russel & Heather, so I told him that made him the expert and that he would have to show me what to do and take the lead.

We signed in at the front counter, and got a bit of info from the staff there, found a table right at the front, and then Lucas was off to grab our first game: Exploding Kitties.

After a couple of rounds, we switched out the game, and ordered an orange slush. Everything you buy goes on your tab that you settle at the end of the night, including your games fee. It's only $5 per person, and you can play as long as you want. And there is no pressure to order food or drinks. We also ordered some soft pretzels, so all told, our night cost us around $17.

We played three different games that night: Exploding Kitties, Sushi Go Party & Blokus. The first two are great for two players, but Blockus is designed for 4 people, so it wasn't really a challenge. But Lucas likes it, and recognized it, so we had to try.

They have so many games! The ones you see behind us in the photos are for sale. The playable games fill the back wall and are organized by number of players (I think.). Lucas was in charge of getting our games, so I didn't really get to the back of the store.

If we had needed recommendations or help figuring out how to play a chosen game, the staff was on hand to assist.

I made sure to let Lucas order our pretzels without any help or interference for Mom. It's hard knowing when to step in and when to let your kid just figure shit out, but I think some sort of balance is totally achievable! It's nice going to a place where your kid doesn't feel left out, or is treated like a nuisance. I am hoping that the more we go together, the more comfortable he will feel to go on his own once he is old enough.

He was so happy, and I think we could have spent a lot more time there. Just me and my Dude, hanging out and getting blown up by kitties.

Tabletop Board Game Cafe
Staff: Approachable, knowledgeable, friendly
Age Appropriate: ANY age
Cost: Depends on if you want refreshments. Game fee is $5 per person.
Food selection: They have alcohol (beer & wine), coffee, tea, pop & slushies. Hot food is along the lines of paninis, soft pretzels, grilled cheese. They also have popcorn and a variety of candy! Looks like they have also added fresh fruit and veggies to their menu.
A++ highly recommend for a fun and inexpensive night out!

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