Saturday, August 12, 2017

Scrapbooking - Treasured Memories Design Team

Scrapbooking. This is a hobby that I really haven't been spending much time on lately. But every once and awhile Nadine gets me back into it with a Design Team package from TM!

Now, this one I wasn't too sure of when I first got it as the main image on the papers and stickers was of a mermaid. So my apologies friend, but I did not use the mermaid aspects of the kit.

I did, however, LOVE all the rich blue, turquoise, and gold and immediately thought of how vibrant they would look against some photos from my recent trip to Iceland.

And so I came up with this...

I LOVE the look of chipboard or stickers (or anything) layered under vellum. I cannot throw my vellum scraps away because they always come in handy.

#100daysofstampcarving was happening while I built this layout, so I carved a stamp to match that sweet "fish scale" pattern and made my own golden fishscale patterned paper. You can see it tucked behind the cluster. The word "love" is also from my 100 Days project.

When I'm struggling with a layout, I just grab a bunch of cute things and cluster them or layer them around the photo. You can also see in this photo that I sanded down the surface of the chipboard "fish scales" border so it wasn't so shiny and new looking.


Reynisfjara was a highlight for me on our trip to Iceland in May. The Black Sand Beach is very popular with tourist and tour groups, but it is a dangerous and harsh environment. There is a huge warning sign on the path from the parking lot, alerting visitors to the "sneaker waves" and the potential to be swept out to sea if you get too close to the water. Our tour guide told us to stay as far away from the water as possible, and never turn your back on it. There was a huge windstorm in the area that day, and the resulting sandstorm made the sky so brown that you couldn't see far out to sea.

The "black sand" is actually black pebbles and stones for as far as the eye can see. The cliff that faces the water here is uniquely jagged, like it was carved by giant hands. Many birds nest in the cliff face, and it was mesmerizing to watch them swirl overhead, fighting the winds.

The noise and wind were an assault on the senses. My hair was full of sand, my glasses so gross, but I could have stayed much longer. Our world is beautiful and terrifying...and Iceland is the perfect place to see and discover those elements side by side.

Scrapbooked anything lately?


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