Monday, November 07, 2016


Guys, I finished my reading goal for the year four and a half months early! I can barely believe it myself.

Things I have learned this year:
1) I am reading more diverse books and authors this year than ever before and I love it
2) I am SICK AND TIRED of reading books with the following themes:
     - Rich people behaving badly
     - Sad moms who had crappy childhoods and treat their kids bad
     - Married couples who don't like each other anymore
     - Fatal illness YA romance
3) If I am not "into" a book, I don't feel bad AT ALL about not finishing it
5) Young adult books are (mostly) really amazing and highly recommended.
6) Lucas & I are burning through all the kids audio books at the library! Our favourite series are The Ranger's Apprentice & ALL the Deltora series.

This doesn't mean I stop reading for the rest of the year, no sirree! I keep filling up my holds list at the library, and I promise to finish & return the books I borrowed from Jessica, Ginger and Shaughan! I am going to go back through some of my TBR lists and see if I can't clear them out a bit, and create a curated list for 2017.

I promised myself a nice summary post for my 2016 books, so I am going to get started on that now with the hopes that it will be done before the year is out.



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