Friday, November 04, 2016

Clear My Browser Tabs

When people post idiotic memes on Facebook, I am of two minds:
1. WTF?! Do people not THINK before they post these ridiculous hateful/ignorant/racist/uninformed/fake images and comments? Is it supposed to be "funny"? Cause it's mostly just wrong. Memes aren't news!

and 2. YAY! They've just given me a starting point to do some INTERNET RESEARCH! aka Google shit until I find something relevant. I live for this!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

And on that note, I thought I would share the contents of my current browser tabs.

In response to: a meme that instructed me to turn off the power to my house if I didn't "support oil and gas workers" (ugh...I have SO MUCH to say about this one...)
I am reading:
So you use oil? No, that doesn't make you a hypocrite

In reponse to: An acquaintance posted a year-old article about Montreal's problems with releasing untreated sewage into the St. Lawrence River, and then proceeded to comment with misinformation about how equalization payments work, and stereotypical bullshit about our French neighbours.
I am reading:
Raw sewage: 101 Quebec municipalities dumping into waterways (this is the article that started it all, actually)
Montreal's waste water to be cleaned using ozone  starting in 2018
Montreal building $100million waste water treatment facility
Ottawa suspends sewage dump in St. Lawrence River
Montreal controversy shows cities regularly dump sewage into rivers
Alberta doesn't send oil money to have-nots, and Ontario contributes more than Alberta - this is now my go-to article when someone blasts bullshit about how equalization works

In response to: The image above, posted without comment on a high school friend's page. And really, the constant bullshit about pipelines and climate change (it never ends really).
I am reading: 
Bill McKibben: Trudeau can't charm his way around the mathematics of climate change
Iron & Earth's Worker's Climate Plan
220 'significant' pipeline spills already this year exposes troubling safety record
Spills are more common thanks to aging pipelines
Dakota Access Pipeline explained: what you need to know
Oilsands growth makes it nearly impossible for Canada to meet Paris Agreement targets
Oil industry group opens doors to renewable energy companies

In response to: Blah blah blah stupid NDP, dumb c**t Notley, Kudatah, etc. (gosh this one is getting boring...)
I am reading:
Braid: the NDP's headlong rush to overall Alberta by 2019
Varcoe: Royalty changes make Alberta make competitive than BC and Saskatchewan report finds

Actually, a comment along these lines ("stupid NDP...blah blah blah TAXES!") was posted on a cool video my BIL shared about burning garbage. (this video). So I posted a link with more info about Edmonton's Waste to Biofuels & Chemicals Facility.
And now I am reading:
Biofuels in Edmonton - How does it all work?

In response to: A really COOL link my uncle posted about a recent Tesla announcement
I am reading: No one saw Tesla's solar roof coming

And that's what my browser looks like today!

Well, in addition to these tabs: Audrey's Books, Pokemon merch, a visual list of all the emojis, 350+ climate movementa potential location for future family vacationsa cookie recipe, an awesome "world music" band, and an art blog.

Eclectic tastes.

p.s. I am that annoying person that might call out your bullshit in the comments section with links like the above! That's me!

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