Monday, June 20, 2016

I Say This Every Month

Umm, what happened to May?

Reading back through my blog, I discovered that I did not post anything related to my goals at the start of May! Oops?

I did find my April goals post, and I fell in love with it all over again. And I pulled up my April folder on my photo stick and wow....April was really amazing!

And you know what, so was May. And it's over now too! And when I started writing this post, we were only a week into June. And now June is on its way out as well.

Time goes so fast when you're old.
I did cross one of my goals off my list last month. I finally finished relocating my mailbox! I keep taking photos of it, and then deleting them off my phone when my storage gets low and I need to take another photo right away! Sigh. It will show up on here eventually!

Remember this list...I sure do...
I still try to read it every week, but mostly I just try to survive every week. Make sure Lucas is fed and has clean clothes, and get up the nerve to do the dishes.


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