Friday, May 06, 2016

Tell A Story - Thanks for the Memories

Last night when I was trying to keep my cool as Lucas was telling me for the eleventy billionth time that he couldn't fall asleep I realized that these are the start of the days that Lucas will remember!

Right now he is building memories and moments that will be with him as an adult. No pressure or anything Mom! Ha!

I wonder if he will remember our "Haircut Tradition" at the mall....

Thursday night.
Mill Woods Town Centre.
Escada International, whomever has an empty chair.
Dinner in the food court. Chinese food that looks better than it tastes, sushi that still is a little bit frozen inside.
Pet store to coo at the kitties ("Mom I want one!") and smile at the love birds.
Warp Comics. Lucas buys a pack of Pokemon cards and Mom buys a comic (tonight it was Hell Cat #3).
Game store to name every single Skylander they have for sale. Every. Single. One.

On this particular night we got a frozen yogurt (sorbet for me) and sat in the food court watching the mall news. His choice. He really wanted to watch the mall news...

It's a good tradition, simple and sound. Built out of necessity, but made into a special event. I hope he remembers these nights.

photo taken in Mill Woods Town Centre, May 5th 2016.

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