Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fashion Minimalist

I have in my past been a bit of a "Fashion Maximalist". I used the excuse that since I was mostly shopping at thrift stores I wasn't contributing to the ills of Fast Fashion, so it was okay. But I had so many clothes, & it took me so long to decide what to wear. It was stressful and made me very anxious. And to be honest, it was costing me a fortune!

I've been doing some big, mostly little purges of my closet over the past two years. I did eliminate some items that I later regretted (that purple dress!), but usually that regret only lasted a moment.

I currently have in rotation the following items:
- 4 shirts
- 5 skirts
- 3 dresses
- 2 blazers
- 1 pair of dress pants
- 1 pair of jeans
- 2 casual tees

I have more items in my closet but these are my work staples. This doesn't include the tank I am currently "embellishing", or my workout and casual weekend gear.

There is something wonderful to be said about having less choice. Example: I HATE big menus at restaurants! I get overwhelmed with all the options, I feel anxious & uncomfortable, and I am usually not pleased with my order. Oh, and it takes forever! When I go out to eat nowadays, I always try and check the menu online first, and decide ahead of time. I know what I like, and now that I am a vegetarian my choices are already whittle away for me. And less choice makes for a happier Lisa dining experience.

Why I didn't apply this philosophy to my closet curation ages escapes me.

I have come to terms with the fact that my wardrobe might now be considered "boring". By whom, you ask? By Past Lisa. But she was always a bit worried what other people thought, and she'll get over it.

I guess the downside in all of this is that I still have no clue how to add pieces to my wardrobe. I add digital outfits to Pinterest boards continually, but I can't/won't buy anything. I feel hampered by indecision on clothing purchases more now than ever before - and it was always outstandingly difficult for me. And so I avoid the malls and the thrift stores. And I make lists and I change my mind.

The positive takeaway to this is that I must be so confident in my current wardrobe there is nothing needed, no holes to fill! Although, speaking of holes, there is one forming in an unpatchable spot on my favourite blue shirt! Eek! Guess I'll have to go shopping after all!


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