Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Feminist Thought of the Day

If I could send a message to "Clothing Store Websites" everywhere, it would include the following:

1. Why aren't your models ever smiling? Do your clothes make them miserable? Because I try to cultivate an attitude of positive awesomeness and they are really bringing me down and I don't need that kind of negative clothes-energy in my life.

2. I know you think you are doing shoppers a favour when you post the height of the model and the size she is wearing, but really you are only helping the small fraction of shoppers visiting your site who are the exact same height and shape and size as your model. If you sell that same shirt or dress or skirt in literally any other size you should be obligated to SHOW IT on a real body! A size zero looks different than a size 12, trust me. I want to sort of be able to at least stand a chance of guessing what your product will look like on my not-5'9"-not-size-zero body. I realize that you could never begin to provide this view for every unique body type and size of person. I just want you to try and at least acknowledge the fact that women come in other shapes and sizes.

You do know that women come in other shapes and sizes, right?!

That is all.

This post falls into the "Body Positive" vein of feminism, in which all people everywhere deserve representation in fashion, deserve clothes that fit their bodies and look good on them and make them feel like eleventy billion bucks. Trans men & women, POC, disabled men & women, fat men & women, all the men, all the women. I realize that my commentary doesn't even begin to scratch the surface with all the things that the fashion industry needs to change, both in how they present their clothes and how they represent women. But this is just ONE thought of the day...

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