Monday, May 02, 2016

I Love Me, Elephant Legs & All

I was trying very hard on this day to give my body the love and respect it deserves. It's a daily struggle sometimes.

"Elephant legs" is what I was thinking all day. In my "Dear Lisa" project I even included an entry about my thoughts on this:

"Dear Lisa. You may think your legs resemble those of an elephant but that's okay because elephants are fucking awesome (just like you)."

And I am awesome, and so are my elephant legs. And my butt and my belly and the sum of the parts and the whole. I think it's okay to need a reminder every now and then that we shouldn't take our bodies for granted, especially if they don't look like the bodies on display out there in the world. The bodies that we are supposed to want to emulate, and hate ourselves when we can't (or don't, or WON'T). Y'know...the "perfect" bodies. Ugh + Eye Roll.

I guess the most interesting "lesson" I took from this day, this moment, now in hindsight, is that the photo on the right has been chosen to feature in an edition of "Every Wear  Yeg" in the Edmonton Journal, the theme being "A Little Leg".

Go figure.

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