Friday, April 01, 2016

You Got This

I was going to make this another "goals recap", but that is kind of useless at this point in my year because I have nothing to report.

And I'm so totally okay with that!

I did make some progress on my mailbox relocation! And Lucas very purposefully re-read my goals list in the bathroom and told me that I can cross off my "relocate mailbox" goal. Excitement! I'll share more on that later...once I find the photos I took.

I am grateful everyday for the change in the weather. My whole mood has changed, my whole life. Yes, that's dramatic, but my fellow #yeggers will understand. The bleakness of winter starts to really grind on even the most positive outlooked people by March, and every extra moment of sunlight feels like a blessing.

BFF & I have been going on some major walks, and I started walking at lunch. For the whole lunch hour. I've been exhausted every afternoon so far, but I am also feeling much more energetic and focused in the evenings. There's the bonus right there.

More reading, more walking, more creating.

April is for MORE for everything.

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