Monday, February 15, 2016

Oh Hi There

I was all set to write a post this morning. I had a couple of ideas in mind (book review, some pictures from last week), but when I sat down at my laptop everything faded away.

It doesnèt help that my brand new computer is a POS that hates me.

Somehow the French characters on my keyboard have been turned on this morning, and the CTRL button isnèt working.

The battle between my computer and I;s winning.

So I just donèt have it in me to fight with it this morning. I believe in choosing my battles, and Iève got a 10-year-old who is going to have to remember how to make his own breakfast in about 5 minutes. I think I will save my energy for that.

On the bright side, I started drawing & writing a comic last night. Thanks for the inspiration Dad!


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  1. I feel you!!! Is yours an Acer? I need to take mine in and then I get overwhelmed with backing up all my shit and don't go. So instead I flip out and have learned a shit load of alt codes since my keyboard keys don't work.
    Alt 41: clode bracket
    Alt 58: colon
    Those are the two most popular.....


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