Thursday, February 04, 2016

January Promise - Welcome February

Back in 2014, I started writing out 4 goals every month. These "Monthly Goals" were related to my main goals or OLW for the year, and were meant to keep me moving forward (or at least moving), on track, and have a little fun while I was at it! And it was fun! I'm not sure if it did what I wanted it to do, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

I don't think I will bring it back to the blog this year, but I would like to do something on a monthly basis to help me re-focus. January had such promise in those first few days, but how has it stacked up now that the month is done?

So this year as a way to keep me moving forward with my goals, and evaluating my successes as the year moves on, I have written the following on my calendar on the 1st of every month:

This is a simple prompt and reminder for me to pull out my goal sheet, and read it. I don’t want this to become an exercise in “what haven’t I accomplished”, but I do think it will keep me more accountable, keep the goals fresh in my mind, and keep me excited about what I have achieved so far!

This will also give me a chance to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t. Are there goals I am not connecting with anymore? Are there goals that I have already achieved, that can be ramped up to finish the year strong?


(Gosh I love that word spelled out.)

For example, one of my personal goals was to start running twice a week. Looking back through my Runtastic app, I can see that I used it 8 times in January. That works out to be about twice a week! I feel really confident in this goal, and when I look at my results I can see that my hard work is paying off already.

Something that I know I want to focus on more this month are the gratitude and meditation goals. This is something I have addressed in some work-related goals and practices I started building for myself this week, so it will be nice to tie that in with my personal goals.

All in all, I think my year has started out pretty damn fine!


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