Monday, August 31, 2015

Slow and Steady

Creativity comes in bursts for me. And sometimes I am too busy with regular, mundane, life stuff to be able to feel it, or act on it.

But a deadline is always helpful. Turns out a wedding deadline is even more helpful.

Last year my cousin asked me to paint him a picture of a clown, "whenever the creative inspiration hits you". That's it. No other specifications, no timeline. It was the most nerve-wracking and inspiring commission!

I just wasn't feeling the "creative inspiration " for any painting for a long time. And then about a month before their wedding, I thought, "Hey! Wouldn't this be a great wedding present?! I should get going!!"

So I bought a big canvas (my favourite...) and let it sit in my hallway for a couple of weeks. And then apparently I was struck by this colour combination, and started as I always start: with a messy background.

And then I sketched out the rough clown. And then a bunch more steps happened that I didn't take photos of!

More details... These flowers are my favourite.

 I am really excited at how this one turned out! And it sounds like the new owners love it!

I took two other commissions from another cousin this year. Stay tuned for those pictures!

I am much a much happier painter than scrapbooker...

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  1. Awesome. I'm the creative type myself. Not painting. Never been very good at that! But cake decorating! Guess i'm a cake artist and you're a paint artist! Love how the picture has an abstract feel. If that's the correct terminology!


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