Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Resting Bitch Face

These next paintings were for a commission from another cousin. She asked for a small, colourful one and a larger one with mostly blacks and greys. And ladies...she wanted the ladies. Can't blame her! I've decided to call this "series" Resting Bitch Face. That resonates with me so very much.

This is the smaller one.

Detail. The only thing I would change about this is I would re-shape her hair. I heart the bows. More bows in everything.

This flower shape is stuck in my head forever and ever. Could be worse.

The finished product. I just noticed how weird her ear looks! Ha! Oh well, we can't all be perfect. I used to add that black star to all of my ladies. Looks like it made a brief comeback.

Sometimes it's easiest to start with a mess.

Details. Flowers on flowers, and lace, and all things lovely.

Detail. Mel also told me she really likes when I write words across the paintings. I wasn't precisely sure how I wanted to incorporate them, but once I started in on her flower crown, I knew what I had to do.

This photo is just going to be upside down. Deal with it.

The final product. I really love this one. Really really.


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