Friday, July 10, 2015

SIMPLIFY : The Summer of The Disappearing Weekend

There is no time of year quite like an Edmonton summer, where the "Disappearing Weekend" is most readily and frantically felt. Russel and I sat down the other day to go over our schedules for the next few months, and it didn't take very long for us to see that the three of us are going to be stretched very tight, and very thin. There are lots of complicated juggling maneuvers that will be taking place in order for everyone to get all their good times in.

And being that we parents work a standard 8-5, Monday through Friday, there just aren't "enough" weekends to squeeze all that good stuff into, taking advantage of the no school-hot weather combo that is over in September.

But I have devised two steps to combat the Disappearing Weekend Syndrome. It's all about SIMPLIFYING things around here these days. And stress and complications create a nasty circle that's tough to shirk. And so...

1. Do NOT count the weekends until school starts and then post it on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Blog of anywhere else someone can see it. This includes a calendar at home. No matter the number - it usually seems unbelievable small - this is depressing. This will make it feel like you have a deadline, and you will start to feel the "Disappearing Weekend" press down upon you, smothering your incentive to try to do anything because "why bother? there are so few days left..."

2. Do NOT pre-book yourself for all of those weekends, the official number of which we are blissfully unaware. Trust me in that you require at least one of those weekends to be filled with such activities as: "sit on deck and drink beer." Please note: "Deck" and "beer" can be substituted for your location and drink of choice. Sometimes, those lazy summer weekends are the best ever! Ultimately, I live in a very amazing city and we definitely know how to take advantage of our summer weekends, and sometimes we take too much advantage, and we get carried away, and we put undue pressure on ourselves to SEE EVERY SHOW, and ATTEND EVERY FESTIVAL, and VISIT EVERY SPLASH PARK and that's just unsustainable.

Take a breath, take a breather, put your feet in a kiddie pool for a couple of hours and turn your face to the sun, or the next book on your nightstand. It's okay. Summer won't mind. Summer loves you just the way you are.

3. That being said, try to take advantage of those special summer-only events in your home town! Edmonton is kind of known as the "Festival City" around these parts. You can find a festival to attend pretty much every day from June through August. So pick one or two. An old favourite, something new. Grab a friend, and make a day of it. No pressure. Just go and enjoy yourself. But don't forget your cash, sunscreen, water bottle, and appropriate footwear. (Love Mom)

And that's it! Those are the rules!

I have a lovely, easy, simple Summer Adventures List I am going to pick from. And otherwise I think I'll just wing it.

Sorry about the long post...I got excited.

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  1. GAH, I feel this post to my core. Haha. The disappearing weekend really is a thing! Love your tips. :)


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