Thursday, July 09, 2015

SIMPLIFY : Everything [is Overwhelming]

I went on holidays not too long ago. We rented a teensy little cabin from the founders of the company I work for. It was rustic. It was bare bones. It was perfection.

And then I come home to my small home, and I immediately start tripping over things, and shifting piles so I can get at other piles, and trying to finds things, and giving up. And I am frustrated. And I long not only for the beach from my recent vacation, but for the simplicity of my lodgings there as well. The simplicity of my life.

This memory, this longing, this remembered calm has created in me a new urgency, and new inspiration to GET MY SHIT IN ORDER!

This does not come easy for me. This is a lifelong lesson.

And I realize that life can not resemble a vacation at all times. But if I can capture even a smidgen of that feeling of peace, and calm, and simplicity...then my life will be so much better for it.

And there is hope! I was able to clean and organize my desk before I left. This is the cleanest my desk has been since I started at this job in 2013. In fact, my coworker wondered (jokingly) if I was planning on coming back!


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