Friday, June 26, 2015

Halfway There!

I reached the halfway point to my 2015 Reading Goal of 52 Books back in June! In fact, I was slightly ahead of schedule, and managed to sneak in a couple more before the month was up.

I have been posting my reads on Instagram, with a teensy opinion. Pretty much just a "yay" or "nay" at this point. I have never been good at writing reviews, and at this point I have no desire to try a little harder. Doesn't feel worth my time. That sounds really lazy...but it's the truth.

Reading only lady authors is the best reading decision I've made in a long time. And once I made a conscious effort to seek out new life and new civilizations, I mean, more lady authors, I found SO MANY GEMS! I found characters I could actually CONNECT with, stories and emotions, and worlds that I had only imagined existed before.

I couldn't sleep the other night so I thought I would take the time and sort through my meager bookshelves. I have already been trying to whittle it down, and as more time passes my emotional connections to books feels less like an obligation and more like something I have control over. I pulled out a bunch to get rid of, and I also started sorting my lady authors out, so they could have a space of their own. And that space was admittedly small. But I didn't feel so bad. Because while I don't buy new books anymore (hello free books from the library!), I feel that all those borrowed books I am reading will still make an impact with my library in terms of which books are more popular and need to be ordered, which impacts booksellers and publishers, and hopefully will eventually impact the types of books that are promoted in bookstores.

It's all about representation people. It's a popularity contest, and it's a circular system, and it's "tradition" and lady authors tend to get screwed in this system.

tl;dr Reading lady authors makes me good about myself, and makes me feel good about lady authors.

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