Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Facebook Makes Me Cranky Sometimes

I was trying to find a "rebuttal" to a bunch of posts on Facebook about the state of Ontario's wind industry, and how that should really scare us Albertans in the face of our new NDP Government. Now, the NDPs don't specifically mention "wind turbines" in their platform. They reference a renewed interest and investment in all renewable technologies, and a re-focus on keeping oil and oil jobs in Canada. I was confused on all the hullabaloo about wind in Ontario (just as I was about roads in Saskatchewan, but that's another post...)

So I did what any good Internetter with a cause does...I Googled it! HA! But seriously...

And I found out that Ontarioans (am I saying that correctly) are really nonplussed about their new foray into wind turbine technology. It's noisy, it causes some sort of "wind turbine syndrome" (which I have to do more digging into), it's unpleasant to live by, etc. etc. I found a whole site dedicated to hating-on the wind industry there!

And I found this "woe is us" article on this site windontario.ca. I've quoted my "favourite" part below:

Gone are the days of beautiful Ontario….

“These wind projects will change this place more totally, more rapidly and more permanently
than anything in the past 10,000 years”
James Corcoran, South Huron, Ontario
30 years experience, environmental assessments on behalf of developers.
The Human & Environmental Impact 
To appreciate the full impact of turbines on our people, please find the time  to read this:
Wind companies:
Pay a lower tax rate than other corporations.
Have farmers who sign lease contracts, sign a gag order.
Are exempted from municipal bylaws, building permits, proximity to highways, drainage issues.
Have weight restrictions on roads and bridges lifted during construction of wind projects.
May destroy protected wetlands.
May cause death or harm to endangered species.
Are exempt from the $10,000 fine in the event of destroying an eagle’s nest.
Override the Heritage Act.
Wind companies sue municipalities/persons who get in their way.
The government supplies lawyers to back a wind company;
but has never backed a municipality, group or person.
Municipalities have had all rights removed regarding wind projects.
Over 80 municipalities are “unwilling hosts” to turbines, but are not acknowledged.
July, 2014. MPP Jeff Yurek asked the Premier whether she will listen to constituents in
West Elgin and Dutton who have stated they do not want industrial wind turbine development.
This was her response:
Every turbine destroys 3 acres of land; roughly 21,000 acres of farmland lost forever.
Ontario turbines are closer to people than any place in the world.
Turbine neighbours suffer from turbine noise and wind turbine syndrome which can be life threatening.
Residents are abandoning their homes at a unprecedented pace.
The fortunate are bought out by the wind companies, but must sign a gag order.
Rural Ontario areas are becoming ghost towns.

That's sad isn't it? Now, replace the word "wind" with "oil". Welcome to The Status Quo! I have to laugh. Renewable energy companies are finally getting the same special treatment as oil companies (some of which are actually the same companies), and we just can't stand it! Argh!

It's still bullshit, mind you, but I wonder if the author of the article above can see the irony.

It takes money, and time, and energy, and GUMPTION to test a new technology. I'm pretty sure the oil and coal industries didn't burst on to the scene all shiny and whole, with no kinks, no protests, no concerns... This is the wave of the future, kiddos. We don't have time to sit on our hands anymore, and wait for our Golden Ticket out of this mess (that we got ourselves into...sigh...). Put on your damn big girl panties, and get with the times.

I will continue to follow this, and other stories like this. I am NOT AFRAID of an Orange & Green Alberta. I know there will be sacrifices, and hard times ahead. But we're fricken Albertans! We got this! To tell you the truth, I am just so stinking excited about things to come!

Coincidentally, today marks the first day our new MLAs got to sit in their new seats! Go Team!

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