Monday, April 13, 2015

Book Lady

I was in a wonderful new library a couple of weeks ago.

Now, I am partial to those old, smelly libraries where the stacks reach the (low) roof, and go on forever and ever. Where the silence is a touchable thing, and has a life of its own. And where you could wander for hours and only cover two rows.

But this brand spanking new, shiny, still-with-the-glossy-wrapping intact library was cool too! I wandered a couple of aisles, and touched the spines of books that have never been touched, that have never had their spines cracked, or their pages dog-eared.

And I started thinking about the types of books I read, and how I choose them.

I am one of those people whom you would expect to be in a book club, but am not. I read a lot of books (as evidenced herehere and here), but I never plan out my list ahead of time. And I don't put any rules or guidelines on my reading. I just wander aimlessly through the world, and pick up books that look interesting.

And I don't necessarily think about who deserves my precious book-reading time, which authors I want to support. In my online puttering around, I have been finding many articles about female writers, and how often they get shit on just for being women. (A lot of women in traditionally "male fields" have that problem I think...).

There's that quote about "being the change you want to see in the world". Well, I want to see women succeed where traditionally they haven't, and I want to support and encourage that progress. And I want to learn from women with different backgrounds than myself, so I can be a better listener, and be more compassionate for those difference (and more appreciative).

In that vein, I have decided that I am going to finish out the year reading books by female authors. And I am so FRICKIN EXCITED!!

Any recommendations?

I've got these on my list so far...
Life Drawing and If I Love You I Would Tell You This by Robin Black
That second title sounds so delicious...

Irritable Hearts: A PTSD Love Story by Mac McClelland

Ongoingness by Sarah Manguso
The author laments about her failed attempts at keeping a diary (and her lost memories)

Her 37th Year: An Index by Suzanne Scanlon
I will be 35 this year, and I am kind of freaking out about it. I am hoping for some insights here! HA!

The Unraveling of Mercy Louis
Rape in small town America. I think this one is going to get me all riled up...

Anything by Judy Blume. I think Dude's school library has a bunch.

Unfortunately, this means I will have to put The Book of Negroes away again. But I have a feeling I will find some awesome, amazing, glorious titles and I won't feel so bad.

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