Thursday, September 18, 2014

Book List Update

Editor's Note: Another old post I found in the queue. Needed an ending...still needs an ending cause I'm kind of lazy & cranky today. Hey! If you and swap the syllables in those words you get two actual words: "lanky" and "crazy"! Awesome!!!

My reading list is turning around!


One of the cute gals I follow on Instagram posted a picture of this and I immediately thought "a book about a Golem?! I'm in!" And it didn't disappoint. This book answers the question: "What happens when two mythical creatures end up in 1920s New York and become friends?" It's a really lovely book about love, friendship, overcoming (and giving in to) your nature, faith...And it paints a really unique picture of life in 1920s New York, which varied hugely based on your social status and ethnicity/religion/nationality.


Jen recommended I pick this up, and I'm going to listen to all her recommendations from now on! I have always enjoyed Stephen King, and this book was no exception. Creepy as all get out.


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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed both!! I've been devouring all kinds of crap since 11/22/63 so nothing new to suggest quite yet, but I'm up for your recommendations ;) You like YA and dystopia stuff right? I actually lied, I do have a suggestion, but you'll never find them, so I'll find my copies and lend them to you!


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