Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lake Life

Editor's Note: This weekend was MONTH'S AGO! How did I not finish this post?! Argh, to say the least. Today there was frost on my car windows, so what better time to post a bunch of photos from a hot summer day?

Sometimes it can be hard to spend extended periods of time with your extended family. Personalities clash, schedules get confused, toes get stepped on, frayed nerves get shredded...

But you can either choose to get sucked into the drama and be miserable, and have a crappy time OR you can choose to do what it takes for YOU to have an amazing time.

For me that means beach, sandcastles, and pretending I'm one of the kids.

Our EPIC sand castle and moat! There were so many awesome sand castle cities taking shape on the beach, we just had to join in the fun. Immediately after we took this picture we destroyed the whole thing!
P.S. Who's the babe in the bikini? ('s me!)

The heat was too much for poor Dude so Grandma set out a blanket in the shade, got him a wet cloth to put on his head, we found him a book and he got to snuggle with Mom for a little bit.

Isn't my cousin's little girl adorable eating her giant marshmallow?!

This doesn't even scratch the surface of the good times I had last that weekend. Not even close. And maybe I wasn't as sociable with the adults as I could have been, but...who cares?!

xo Lisa

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