Tuesday, August 05, 2014

I miss...I love...

Last week A couple of weeks ago now Nadine posted a "Currently" list. And one of the items on her list was "battling the comparing game dialogue - she can make it work and makes it look easy, why can't I?"

I think about that shit all the time. But it's getting better, and less bitter. And more worldly even. Huh.

I know that very few people have it "all". I have met many people in my life that appear on the surface to have all the money, freedom, looks, luck, brains, nannies that they could possibly desire and they still are worried and self-conscious about something. They play the comparison game as well.

I thought I would do a little exercise here in self-exploration and expose some of those comparisons I make within myself. Sometimes it doesn't even take an external force for us to start comparing and complaining about what we have or do not have. (Or want...)

P.S. I might come across as a wee bit of a narcissist with all the upcoming photos of my gorgeous self, BUT I also think it's a kind of spectacular and necessary thing to splash real life lady-bodies all over the Internet. Like, everywhere. Chubs and all. Especially the chubs.

I miss blogging / I love not feeling stressed and obligated when I miss blogging

I miss having free time in the evenings / I love cooking for BFF and exploring the ravine with Dude

I miss the good old (less stressful) days at my job / I love my job!

I miss the past / I love the choices I've made to get me where I am today

I miss cable (some days...) / I love reading before I go to sleep

I miss the gym / I love working out in my underpants

(Tell A Story Interlude: Sometimes when Lucas is getting dressed - or undressed - he tells me he is going to take off his "overwear" and leave on his "underwear". Yes, it is super adorable. You can say "awwww" and giggle now.)

I miss having my own studio room / I love that I can create (read: make a mess) wherever I want

I miss scrapbooking and Project Life / I love this hobby and am still finding time and space for it in my life on my own terms

I miss financial security / I love being purposeful in my spending & saving, only getting the things I truly want or need

I miss Dude / I love being by myself

I think that this proves that the comparison game is only helpful if you can use it to look inside and see what a truly fucking awesome life you lead!

Or as an excuse to post dorky outfit photos of yourself on the Internet. As if I need an excuse!!

xo Lis


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