Friday, June 06, 2014

Kicking My Own Ass...

And loving it!

I found a bunch of "printable" circuits on Pinterest, pinned them, and then found myself actually needing an exercise set one Saturday morning. This Saturday morning to be precise:

And I picked one at random, that seemed to have moves that were actually plausible for me to do. And it kicked my ass! My legs were sore for four days after! That's my kind of workout!!

The best part I found was how uncomplicated it was. Weights, stretches, movements that could be captured with a couple of images. Simple movements that most people already know how to do. And there were enough different moves in the circuit that I felt that my whole body was really getting worked out. And I never got bored. And my fat was just bawling.

Good things, all good things.

So if you are trying to find somewhere to start, and just walking around outside isn't cutting it for you anymore, check out Fit Sugar Printables.

Please do yourself a favour and ignore any mention of "trouble zones" or "bikini ready" or "beach season is coming!" or whatever crap marketing tools these websites to make women feel like shit about their bodies and buy whatever they are selling. Blargh!

Here are some of the key words I look for in any exercise program or printable or whatever. Strengthening, muscle-building, cardio, core, energy, full-body, no equipment needed...those are the important words.

Here's my Pinterest board if you're interested: Body Inspired

Just because I can't afford a membership at a "real" gym, doesn't mean I can't work out on my own. All it takes it a little bit of planning, commitment, and a set of light weights. Hell, I can do most of these circuits while Lucas is getting ready for bed, or whenever. It's not rocket science, yo!

No more excuses Lisa.

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  1. I cancelled my membership yesterday! I basically threw my money at the gym for two years. Brutal! I would rather spend my money on yoga and weights for at home. Keep up the good work!


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