Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Notes From Hollywood

This trip was two months ago. Shuttup. BFF & I went to Hollywood for the Turner Classic Movie Film Festival. Old movies, in old theatres. So many fun times.

This was a #bigdeal for a variety of reasons, some of which I hope I captured in these layouts.

You read that right. I've got some scrapbooking to share with you today. Go figure. I need to make kits for TM all the time...that's the only way I get anything done!

The El Capitan theatre can hold almost 1000 people! And there is an organ that comes up through the floor! This place was spectacular...

Had a couple of beers, had some time to kill before the next movie. Probably danced to imaginary know how it is.
And then there was finger moustaches. Yessirree.

I exaggerate. We didn't take ten photos in front of Graumann's Chinese Theatre. Maybe we took 5-8. But seriously, what the hell is wrong with us. Oh that's right. We're fricken awesome, that's what.

On Sunday we decided to skip the daytime movies, and head up to the Griffith Observatory instead. Free space stuff in a lovely park, with a view of LA and the Hollywood sign? Yes, this was a no-brainer.

I hate this page so much. I look at it and think "what the hell was I thinking?!" Sigh...

And what trip to Hollywood would be complete without pictures of your hands and feet with celebrity hands and feet? No trip, that's what.

And that's that. What do you think?


Photos lifted from the TM site...thanks guys...

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  1. You have stellar handwriting! I would journal more if I had your handwriting. Love the one you hate and I need to know how you made the circle in the first layout.


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