Monday, June 02, 2014

June Goals

I always start writing out my next month's goals before the current month is done. Does that defeat the point? Am I not living in the moment enough? Am I not giving myself time to fully dedicate myself to completing one set of goals before I start planning the next?

These are all valid questions, but they are also poo-pooing on my good mood and enjoyment in creating goals for myself! Yay goals!

Doing this early also prompts me to take a peek at the goals I'm supposed to be doing and sometimes gives me just the kick in the sweet patootie that I need to finish more before the month is gone.

- Finish my Hollywood mini album
- Do a couple more Hollywood layouts, or at least print some more photos
- Go shopping with Dude for a nice birthday/Father's Day present for Russel (I already have some ideas!)
- Have a damn picnic dammit!! BFF and I always make a mental note of all the picnic tables and fire pits we come across during our ravine explorations. And we say "we should definitely come back here to this spot and have a picnic". And to that I say: "no time like this month!" (*Spoiler Alert...we did it on Sunday!)
- Create a class for TM. Perhaps "ask TM if I can create a class for them" should precede this particular item. Hmmm.
- Devise an in-home workout plan and DO IT!
- Start some sort of budget-tracking thingy, and actually use it (history says this will be the hardest goal for me this month...)

Oh June...I do love thee. But why oh why don't you have a long weekend?!

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