Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Goals Shmoals...waitaminute...

I did okay on my goals this month. Fuck okay, I did amaze-balls on my goals this month! And I am only going to share the successes here, because that's how I roll. I was going to add some photos, but I am lazy. That is also how I roll. Instagram has it all folks...has it all....

hang twinkle lights
Discovery about my new house. There are NO plug-ins anywhere outside! So I have to move to Plan B for this little project. First, I must decide what Plan B looks like...

date night with my girlfriends!
I had people over to my house again! WHAT?! They brought food and alcohol, and we chatted long past all of our bedtimes. The success of my "party" was proven by the single car picked up the next morning!

find a playground near my house - where are all the playgrounds?!
Dude & I can walk to the closest playground. The day we went it was trying to snow, so less than ideal, but we still had fun!

play a ridiculous amount of drunk and/or sober Bocce (but probably drunk ;)
Hello Beer hidden in "I Heart Zombies" koozies!

invite people over to enjoy the above
Dan was kicking my ass until I decided that we weren't going to keep score anymore. He was probably still kicking my ass after that, but I didn't care!

This one has to come off the list. I can't afford the gym, so I have to come up with some creative ways to get active without spending any money. Thankfully I live next door to an extensive trail system. And also Pinterest...so...yeah...

more running
If instead this read "more walking through the ravine, and up and down giant flights of stairs" then I'd say I definitely nailed this one! Since I am too poor to buy a gym membership, and with a 5k coming up in July (too soon!) I really need to get on this one...

more scrapbooking
I have had no desire to scrapbook this month. At all. I have to submit to the ebbs and flows of this hobby or else I will go crazy. I am trying not to get down on myself for it, but right now this is my truth. Fits and spurts.

more art
I finished my first commissioned piece! It's for BFF, but IT STILL TOTALLY COUNTS! He gave me an idea of what he wanted, and then free reign beyond that. I was nervous at first, and constantly second-guessing myself, but ended up really enjoying the process. The end result was totally amazing. It definitely inspired me to create more.

more reading
I feel like the combination of book at home, book at work, comics in between is really working for me. Still loving that library card!

organize a play date for Dude
Russ took care of this one, and it was with his cousin...but it still totally counts.

I also went to Free Comic Book Day, introduced BFF to Dude (#bigdeal), did yardwork like a boss, got a new smart phone (I can use the Internet in a field, yo!) bought a new (to me) car, went on the first street car show of the season (#fullcircle), walked to Muttart and had a picnic (with beer in mason jars!) and just generally was fucking awesome all month. ALL MONTH.

You're welcome May.

Some of my goals were definitely hindered by my limited finances, but that just means I have to get more creative next month.

June, feel free to bring it.

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